The electrical systems of our homes are responsible for the quality of life that we enjoy on a daily basis. Everyday task are made simpler in some way through the use of electricity. Lighting, central air, food storage and preparation, entertainment and communication are all made possible through the use of electricity. One of the key aspects of this complex system is the electrical panel, which distributes electrical power into multiple circuits throughout a property as well as ensuring protection for circuits with fuses (circuit breakers) for each circuit in one location. At Interstate Electric, we specialize in the installation, repair, and replacement of electrical panels.

Electrical Panels are very important to a property, meaning you must know when to have them replaced if:
• You plan on doing Home Renovations/Room Additions
• Have Compromised Any Appliance Power
• Do Not Enough Outlets For All Household Needs
• Have Circuit Breakers Continuously Tripping
• Have Outlets That Are Two Pronged (Not Grounded)
• You Hear The Panel Box Make Crackling Noises
• Need to Add a 240v Circuit
• See Lights Flickering When Appliances Turned On Consistently

The intricacy and handling of an electrical panel is very important as it is a crucial aspect of today’s electrical systems. This means you must work with trained professionals that will get the job done carefully and efficiently. Interstate Electric’s licensed electricians have an immense amount of training and experience in dealing with work such as this. When it comes down to our industry we ensure quality, care and safety every time whether a job is major or minor. A better peace of mind is knowing each task is done responsibly and perfectly and we understand that more than most electricians.

Interstate Electric’s Licensed Professionals can help you with:
• Electrical Panel Replacements
• Electrical Panel Upgrades
• Meter Panel Boxes
• 200 AMP Service Panel Upgrades

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