If you are looking for a dependable electrical repair company near you, Interstate Electric is your go-to electrical service company for your home, or residential rental property. We are a family-run company with their main focus set on customer satisfaction, providing detail-oriented work with a polite and friendly presence. Our professionally licensed electricians are available for any questions or concerns and will guarantee that our high-quality services will reconcile any damage or faulty wiring need. Interstate’s electrical repair services include the widest scope of work across Glendora and the LA area offering all types of services including repairs, installations, electrical system enhancements, and rewiring services.

Neglecting electrical repairs can be very risky and you could quite literally be playing with fire. Whether you live in an older home, natural elements have affected your electrical system, or an electrical failure has occurred within your circuitry, lighting or electrical panel we will take immediate action to ensure your safety.

Our licensed experts have years of experience in electrical repair and we continue to strive for the utmost in quality, safety and care when it comes down to our work. We communicate with all our clients as clear and concise as can be to ensure the quality of our work goes down to the smallest wire. Our clients are top priority, meaning quality and care goes into our work better than anyone else and it shows. Safety is always ensured as we take the necessary precautions within every job. No matter the job, major or minor, we take all our work seriously to make sure everyone’s safety is addressed, as a family run company, we know how important this is.
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