For any indoor lighting jobs, whether it’s choosing proper lighting, installation or projects you have Interstate Electrical Contractors will get it right every time. We know proper lighting is everything, which is why we ensure we get the appropriate fixtures, bulbs and so much more. Installation is a major key in indoor lighting work that requires an excellently done job which is why we always put in quality and care in what we do to give you the best illumination. For any and every projects a client may have, our professionals are always ready to consult with you about the right design and implementation on all indoor lighting needs.

Interstate Electrical Contractors believes that your home, your property are like your castle and deserves to have top tier craftsmanship. Nothing is as powerful as proper lighting that shows how well taken care of your home is. There are many different types of lighting systems on the market today and it can understandably get stressful in deciding what is right for you. To help you with all your indoor lighting needs, give Interstate Electrical Contractors a call for an appointment with one of our licensed experts.

Our electricians can help with: 
• Complete Lighting Retrofits
• Recessed Lighting
• Kitchen Lighting
• Switches & Dimmers
• Track Lighting
• Ceiling Lights
• Fluorescent Lighting
• Cabinet Lighting
• Pendant Lights & Chandeliers
• Utility Lighting

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