For 20 years, Interstate Electric has proudly provided high quality electrical services to the Glendora area. Our highly skilled electricians specialize in a wide range of services including surge protection. A single surge can compromise and even destroy your electrical devices, which can be very troublesome and expensive. In order to avoid this scenario, a proper surge protector between the transmission line and the circuit panel is the best way in preventing this from happening to your electronic devices. If you are concerned about the safety of your appliances, electronics and entire electrical system, contact us today for consultation!

It important to implement the proper surge protection necessary to prevent the destruction or damage on electrical devices within your property. To implement the proper surge protection means to work with licensed professionals that can distinguish what is necessary in working on commercial or residential surge protection. It is critical to an electrical system to have the surge protection necessary for a business or home. With surge protection in place for a business it will lower the risk of having power problems and have to shut down the business for electrical work. The same could be said for home surge protection, as the reliance of daily electrical appliances in the home grows for important everyday tasks, it is crucial precautions are taken to protect your home from electrical surges damaging these appliances.

Surge protection can help with:
  • Service Outages
  • Load Increases
  • Power Spikes
  • Appliance & Electronics Longevity
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